On March 22, over 50 members were presented with a thoughtful analysis about Transportations Role in Placemaking by Rob Scheisel from Gorove Slade.  Rob described how transportation engineers and planners have, for decades, engaged in Place-Breaking by having goals for their projects that prioritize moving traffic though communities and roadways.

Instead, Rob said, it’s important to consider these options prior to completing roadway designs:

  • Balance between needs and human scale
  • Minimize conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles
  • Slow vehicular speeds
  • Accessibility/Walkability
  • Intuitive pathways for people
  • Multi-modal connectivity
  • Designing for people instead of cars

Click here to view the presentation.

Pictured below are Robert Schiesel, Lou Slade and Dan VanPelt, all from Gorove Slade