Over 85 years ago, Richard T. Ely, a distinguished professor of economics at Northwestern University in the State of Illinois, USA, crystallized a formula he had employed over many decades of student engagement through informal round tables and discussion groups.

Local Chapters of LAI employ that simple construct of assembly, information dissemination, discussion and diversity. A. Harnessing Reputation and Career Advantage. The International body of LAI sets the standards for membership replicated by the selection of members through local Chapter nominations, vetting and induction. The LAI ‘Society’ was conceived by Ely to claim distinction and recognition in the field and advancement of Land Economics as a broad discipline engaging a diversity of talents, academia, industry and the professions.

Since 1930, those elements have remained largely unchanged and constitute an enduring legacy to the appropriateness today of the goals and objectives of the Society on behalf of its members and its public service calling. The local Chapter is a principal ambassador and champion of maintaining the vision of Lambda Alpha International:
a. As an honorary society of men and women recognized for merit and contribution in the field of Land Economics;
b. Wherein a diversity of peer membership is advanced by invitation only, on defined criteria of excellence in reputation, connectivity and fellowship;
c. Providing venues for education, exchange, promotion and social interaction, often around meals, affording opportunities for discourse, advancement and comment on relevant issue of Land Economics.
d. To remain non-political, non-partisan and to maintain a non-attribution environment where members and guests are encouraged to voice opinion and research in free and open exchanges advancing ideas of trial, intellectual value and earnest conversation.

Past Presidents

Frederick M. Babcock 1957-58

Seward W. Mott 1958-59

Myron Hendee 1959-60

Max S. Wehrly 1960-61

Robinson Newcomb 1961-62

Homer Hoyt 1962-63

Fred Tuemmler 1963-64

Ramsay Wood 1964-65

Robert C. Klove 1965-66

Jules A. Guedalia 1966-67

Marion Clawson 1967-68

Roy J. Burroughs 1968-69

Walter L. Mess 1969-70

Maury Sedlin 1970-71

Charles H. Purcell 1971-72

Knox Banner 1972-73

John W. Wetmore 1974-75

Charles H. Conrad 1976-77

James H. McMullin 1978-79

Michael B. Barker 1980-81

George H. F. Oberlander 1982-83

Kenneth R. Sparks  1984-85

Norman M. Glasgow 1986-87

John L. Hysom 1988-89

Frank H. Spink, Jr. 1990-91

Hawkins Stern 1992-93

David K. Hartley 1994-95

Jo-Ann Neuhaus 1996-97

Stephen S. Fuller 1998-99

Norman M. Glasgow, Jr. 2000-01

Lewis Bolan 2003-05

Lou Slade 2006-09

Elizabeth Davison 2010-13

Erwin Andres 2014-18

John Schlictling 2019 to present

Chapter Overview April 19, 2013