About the Chapter’s Monthly Luncheon Meetings.  The meetings take place at Clyde’s of Gallery Place. The presentations, by top professionals and industry and government leaders, focus on a broad range of timely issues affecting the Washington metropolitan region and often the greater interests of the nation. The discussions are just as informative and stimulating as the presentations, given the unique audience of highly knowledgeable “land economics” experts with diverse interests and perspectives. The luncheon meetings provide continuing opportunities for chapter members to both stay abreast and develop and nurture personal friendships and business relationships with other members and invited guests.

About Membership Categories and Guests

Once qualified individuals are inducted into Lambda Alpha International, they are forever members, regardless of their dues payment status. Active members are members who have paid their annual dues through the current calendar year.Active members may participate in luncheon meetings at no additional charge, as the cost of luncheons is covered by dues.

Non-resident active members are members living and working in locations at least 40 miles from downtown who have paid a reduced dues amount through the current calendar year. Non-resident active members may participate in luncheon meetings at a charge of $50.00 per event. Inactive members are members who have not paid dues for the current calendar year, but who may reinstate their active membership privileges at any time by paying current annual dues. Inactive members may not participate in luncheon meetings unless they reinstate. Non-members may participate in luncheon meetings only as an invited guest of an active member who is charged $45.00 per guest per event when the events are in-person..