December 16, 2022

To view the powerpoint from this meeting, click this link:LAI_Leinberger_DC as Model

The members in attendance at the meeting were presented with thoughtful information on city development, walkability and neighborhood character.  Chris Leinberger discussed development in Washington, DC as a model aspired to throughout the country.  The eight top reasons why DC is such a model include:

  1. Consistently Top 5 in Foot Traffic Ahead of 35 largest metros •
  2. Development community GETS walkable urbanism •
  3. Early Downtown and massive Downtown Adjacent development •
  4. Transit investment, largest transit investment in US (until LA) •
  5. Favored Quarter & NON-Favored Quarter development •
  6. Urbanization of the suburbs…global leader •
  7. Walkable urban place models, all accessible by a Metro card •
  8. Economic development incentive model for the US & globe